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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

(this piece was written last September 2018)

We interrupt regular programming to share with you some thoughts and insights on the SBGV247. Yes, the tic-tic-tic does bother me, but one gets used to it. And, as i’ve had this watch for a week already, and was my regular wrist companion when my daughter was in the hospital, here are some thoughts and observations I have of the watch. (it was a long 5 days in the hospital, hence this post) 1. Stunning details on the dial. Not to mention it has LUME — a rare sight for us GS lovers given that a majority of Grand Seikos do not have this built in flashlight. Somehow, I know there is a “hidden mickey” somewhere there. Anyone seen it yet? 2. Powerful designed dauphine hands with extra sharp endpoints — sort of like a samurai sword that slices and dices as it weaves around it’s beautifully designed dial. 3. Unique case — TBH i’m still trying to figure out if this is a 44 case or a new improved version of it. It’s just lovely. Can anyway share their insights on this case? 4. Straps — the V247 comes with two straps with very unique details:

a. Canvas type of strap of which i am really still trying to figure out what the material used, but fits perfectly. The perfect orange stitches makes for a very striking balance with the orange second hand.

b. Beautifully printed Grand Seiko Lion on the deployant clasp that you know they added with pride... making the strap a strap to be proud of.

c. Blue rubber strap — very soft rubber that envelopes your wrist and fits like a charm. I’ve been wearing the rubber strap the past week and the light feel on the wrist makes you think that it is not there... oh, one gripe though about this strap, it’s a “dust collector.” This was also pointed out by another member here Milton....thanks again for the heads-up

d. The Embossed lion on rubber strap makes you wonder how they can think of these small details that makes it all worthwhile. While the printed “Grand Seiko” elegantly printed over a uniquely formed and polished buckle shining proudly as you turn your wrist over...

e. That DIMPLE... oh what a DIMPLE it is —The rubber strap has a small DIMPLE (see 2nd pic on the right, where portion of pic is encircled) that adds a sort of accent to the strap... again, another small detail that they intelligently incorporated on an “add-on” of the watch. 4. Oh did i forget to mention that it is 200 meters water resistant. Makes for a perfect companion in the swimming pool, or just wading on the shoreline off the beaches of Palawan, which I will be trying out this coming week. Yes, it will take a while for me to get used to the tic-tic-tic which Samuel has been trolling on me ever since this beauty arrived two weeks ago and, somehow, I am sure he will post the same on this post... but i’ve gotten used to it...I just don’t like staring long at the second hands because the picture of the sweeping hands of my J231 and H003 in my head makes me wonder if they can ever do a quartz variant with sweeping hands... but overall a great wrist companion, and a great watch altogether... now, the question is does this want me to consider the new GMT Quartz coming out in October, hard to say... but those are definitely lookers... who knows... Thanks guys for indulging me on this... daughter is now out of the hospital at home sleeping...

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