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Before the 1900s and Beyond


- an interesting etymology


The term “Nineteen Kopong Kopong 

refers to a time so long ago,

that nobody even cares to remember.

Commonly Accepted Origin - 

By mid century,  the decade of the 1900's was considered a very long time ago.

And often when people wanted to refer to an event in the past,

it is commonly associated with a time frame in the early 1900's.

Around that time, “Kopong” is an Indonesian word

also used by the Philippines, 

meaning “no content or empty” — thus, zilch or zero.

Hence, the term 19 zero-zero...  or -

Nineteen Kopong Kopong


What is old is new again...

What was once common, now cherished...

What was forgotten is now remembered.


Founder and blogger

I like everything old, vintage and antique. Items from a time in our lives

that made a difference.  

Some even belonged to others

and whose owner genealogy goes back

to a forgotten period...

A forgotten lifetime.

A time I'd like to bring to the present.  

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