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The two closest looking Grand Seikos on both the vintage and modern side has got to be the Grand Seiko SBGH047 and the Grand Seiko 6156-8040. Both have great white-colored dial-textured designs as expected from GS, both have gold GS logos on the dial, both have thin hour markers that adds character to the dial and both have superb hi-beat automatic movements (one with a “Special” designation).

But there is one similarity that is unique to both these models — both were “significant lasts” in the eras they were released. The SBGH047 is one of the LAST models to be released that has the double logo before the rebranding of Grand Seiko in 2017; while the 6156-8040 was one of the LAST vintage Grand Seikos to be released in the early 70’s, and definitely one of the LAST GS to be retailed. source: The Grand Seiko Guy

It is important to note that the moods during their respective eras were very, very different. The SBGH047 was issued at a time when the future for Grand Seiko looked very bright — that a rebranding was coming and the brand was beginning to open up globally. The 6156-8040, on the other hand, was issued and retailed during a time when the future looked very bleak for the mechanical Grand Seiko. The release of the Quartz Astron 5 years earlier had brought about the growing popularity of quartz watches which dampened the mood of mechanical/automatic watches at that time.

If you were given a choice to purchase one of these, which one would it be: Vintage or Modern... you be the judge....

                             SBGH047           6156-8040

Year.                       2016.                     1974

Case Size.             40mm.                  36mm

Weight.(g)            145.5                      86.5               

Dial Color               white.                   white

Dial Design         mountain               frosted

                              ridged                   textured

                              design.                  design

                              “Iwate”                “Starlight”

Movement.         Automatic             Automatic

                              Hi-Beat.                Hi-Beat


Limited Edition.    150pcs               retailed only

                                                            for 1 year

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